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All you should know about breadcrumbs


Breadcrumbs allow a user to retrace their steps from your home page to the page that they’re currently viewing. They can reflect the structure of your website, a logical path or attributes of the current page.


Advantages of Breadcrumbs

  • They help users understand the layout of your website.
  • They’re completely optional.
  • They allow users to scan through your website and to view more content at a faster rate.
  • They’re easy to implement and can be understood regardless of a user’s education professional background or technical knowledge.
  • They can point keywords to certain pages while helping search engines to see how one page relates to another on your website.
  • They reinforce and improve your website’s internal linking structure.
  • This can facilitate more users browsing your website’s inner pages.


How to add and create Breadcrumbs in WordPress

  1. Download Yoast SEO and activate.
  2. Go to Yoast SEO settings > Breadcrumbs Settings.
  3. Click on enable Breadcrumbs and save. Copy code.
  4. Go t appearance > Editor > Click on Header.php.
  5. Paste code at the end of line of header codes and save.

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