All you should know about breadcrumbs


Breadcrumbs allow a user to retrace their steps from your home page to the page that they’re currently viewing. They can reflect the structure of your website, a logical path or attributes of the current page.

Advantages of Breadcrumbs

They help users understand the layout of your website.
They’re completely optional.
They allow users to scan through your website and to view more content at a faster rate.
They’re easy to implement and can be understood regardless of a user’s education professional background or technical knowledge.
They can point keywords to certain pages while helping search engines to see how one page relates to another on your website.
They reinforce and improve your website’s internal linking structure.
This can facilitate more users browsing your website’s inner pages.

How to add and create Breadcrumbs in WordPress

  1. Download Yoast SEO and activate.
  2. Go to Yoast SEO settings > Breadcrumbs Settings.
  3. Click on enable Breadcrumbs and save. Copy code.
  4. Go t appearance > Editor > Click on Header.php.
  5. Paste code at the end of line of header codes and save.

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