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PPC Training Program

Learn Advanced PPC Training from the most Experienced PPC Experts at Kangaroo Wings PPC Institute. We are the oldest and most experienced in Paid Marketing Training Programs.

  1. Google Adwords Certification Training
  2. Facebook Adverts – Advertising
  3. Linkedin advertising
  4. Microsoft Ad Center Training


Why You Should Learn PPC ?

Today’s Best Source of Quality Lead generation is Internet and Pay Per click advertising model. It gives you best Results. You Must learn “PPC” If you want to start Selling your Goods or Services within 24hrs. Below are some more reasons to Lean Paid Advertising.

  • PPC is one of the best methods of Direct Online Marketing.
  • PPC results are quicker as compared to SEO operations.
  • There are many Pay Per Click programs however the leader is Google Advertising program.
  • Highly Paid Jobs starting 25k to 90k per month.
  • Best For Business Start ups Planing to Acquire Online leads.





SINCE 2008

Google Adwords Training

PPC Course Curriculum

  1. Paid Networks Covered
  2. Google Adwords              
  3. Bing Yahoo Ads
  4. Facebook Ads                      
  5. Linkedin Ads
  6. Twitter Ads

Part 1 – Keyword Planning Paid Keywords

  1. Types of Keyword Insertion
  2. Paid Campaigns On Page Optimization
  3. Paid Campaigns Major Terms
  4. MCC Account – My Client Center

Part 3 – Sitelinks

  1. Site Extensions
  2. Other Extensions
  3. Mobile Extensions
  4. Geo Targeting of Ads
  5. Geo targeting of Ads

Part 5

  1. Display Campaigns
  2. Display Planner
  3. Contextual Display Advertising
  4. Contextual Managed Advertising
  5. Display Managed Advertising
  6. CPV Management
  7. CPC/CPM

Part 7

  1. Google PLA
  2. Google YouTube-B

Part 2 – Campaign Designing

  1. Agroup Designing
  2. Ad Making
  3. Adding Keywords
  4. Negative Keywords

Part 4

  1. Conversion Code Installation
  2. Conversion Tracking
  3. Live Bidding

Part 6

  1. Remarketing
  2. Retargeting
  3. Rebranding to targeted Traffic

Part 8

  1. Google Mobile Web Marketing
  2. Google Mobile App Marketing

Part 9

  1. Reporting
  2. Fraud Click Analysis
  3. Enhanced Campaigning
  4. Google Analytics Linking
  5. Account Sharing & Permissions
  6. Billing
  7. How to become Google Partner

Part 10

  1. Cost Per Acquisition Management
  2. Auction Insights
  3. Segmentation
  4. Day Parting
  5. Filters
  6. Labelling
  7. Change History
  8. Automation
  9. Adwords Opportunities
  10. Account Access

Part 11

  1. Campaign Automation Advanced.
  2. Advanced Campaign Low Cost Advertising.
  3. Advanced Campaign Broad Strategies.

Part 12

  1. Competition Analysis Software’s.
  2. Social Media Marketing.

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Why PPC Training from Kangaroo Wings

  • We are the oldest Digital marketing agency having experience of more than 10 years in paid advertising.
  • Our PPC Training classes are taken by PPC experts with 9 years of Experience.
  • Our professional  Pay Per Click course is designed by experienced PPC managers working with large corporates.
  • We are the oldest and most experienced in Paid Marketing Training Programs.
  • In our PPC classes you will get Live Campaign practice.
  • Google Adwords Certification Full Preparation Support & Exam.
  • We are dedicated to Internet Marketing Education only, therefore you get the best Quality Training.
  • Online Training Program – Most effective Online Training Program. Call for Online Demo.

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How much time does it take to learn PPC extensively?

Future & career prospects of pay per click marketing in India?

Does this ppc course also includes ppc for Bing, Yahoo & Facebook ?

Where are your centers located in Delhi & Noida ?

Are your PPC training experts Google Adwords Certified?

What is the course duration for the complete Google Advanced Training Course ?

Our PPC Training centers in India

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2. East Delhi / Noida – New Ashok Nagar

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New Ashok Nagar, Opp Metro Pillar No 163,
Besides Om Sai Complex, Delhi-110096.

Inquiries +91-9953497000

Student Helpline +91-9711413642

Email – support@kangaroowings.com

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