SEO in 2019 Google Updates

SEO Updates in 2019 1) Google Analytic’s updates the integration Google Search console report (12th May’2016) Google has come up with a yet another update and this time it’s related to Google Analytic’s. Google announced that they will have deeper integration of Google Search console reports on there analytic’s platform. In coming days or weeks, […]

Top tools for wordpress security

In today’s world almost everyone is using dynamic sites for a better experience and because they are easy to use. Every dynamic site has a CMS and WordPress is one of the most used CMS. WordPress being famous needs to be secured as it has some vulnerability issues.issues. WordPress keeps on updating regularly to address […]

Ten things we should not do while doing SEO

SEO my seems like an easy task but actually, it’s not. Many beginners often get confused while doing SEO because they are doing there best but still are not getting the desired results. They do some common mistakes and in this article, we will learn about some common mistakes that we should avoid while doing […]

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