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Google increases length titles description tag

After the recent Google analytics update google has came up with another update but now related to it’s SERP’s( Search engine research Process).

Google has now increased the length of title and description tag which means we can add more Keywords to our Title and Description.This update has already started showing affects on the Serp’s as a significant ranking change can be noticed.

Title Tag

Title Tag is been increased to 70-71 Characters from 50-60.

Meta Tag

Meta descriptions have been extended by 100 characters per line and can go up to 2 or 3 lines which means now the char limit of giving description is 268-270 char which is a significant increase.

Changes are made for Mobile Devices also

Also on mobile devices length for a title is increased to 75-78 which means if you are getting higher traffic from mobile devices then go for having 75-78 char for your title tag but no changes for the length of description tag is noticed yet.

Changes May be Temporary

Although that’s not the permanent change and this might be just a testing procedure of google. So don’t go for making major changes until the news is official.

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