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How to Promote YouTube Videos?

YouTube is the third most popular website in the world with more than one billion users Online. YouTube is the Next Search Engine Standing in the world after Google, with traffic of 800 million unique visits Per month.

So, YouTube is the best platform to advertise or promote your videos today.

YouTube videos is a part of Google Search hence it is important social media channel that cannot be ignored.

How to increase YouTube views & Subscribers ?

I am sure that this is the most important thing for you and clients world wide. More Views More Branding, More Views More Earning, More Views More Money. So, Lets Begin ON how to Promote videos on YouTube & get Maximum Views.

⇒ Create a Solid Looking YouTube Channel

⇒ Optimize Your Channel Like You do for your Personal Profile.

⇒ Create A Video Length based on Category of Video.

⇒ Unique YouTube Video Title

⇒ Make your Video Interesting

⇒ Pick tags that will be good for SEO

⇒ Choose a good thumbnail

⇒ Take help of Paid Marketing Channels

⇒ Optimize Video Attributes

⇒ Optimize for YouTube Video SEO

⇒ Optimize Content Language

⇒ Try viral Marketing Channels

⇒ Proper Sync With Captions

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How to Get more YouTube Subscribers?

Want More Subscriber For your YouTube channel? Check out below points

  1. Focus on content Quality
  2. Do Not Waste too Much Time in Appealing People to subscribe.
  3. Focus on Creating Content People would like to hear always then only People Subscribe.
  4. During the Video tell people about your upcoming videos on interesting topic for which they should stay connected by subscribing on their channel.
  5. Use of Paid Marketing for little Push On Your best videos which will help to gain more subscriber give away free stuff as in service or physical product to allure more Subscriber
  6. Use  of “Power Playlists”
  7. Publish Videos at-least of 10 Minutes
  8. Reply on Every Comment You get on your YouTube video


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How to rank YouTube Video in YouTube search?

To Rank your video on YouTube Search results you have focus on:-

  1. Do Research on YouTube Keywords
  2. Video Optimization
  3. Video Promotion

How to Create a good YouTube channel?

To get the best ranking on YouTube, we need to create a Channel First.

  • Have a good profile and header photo.
  • Complete your profile properly to get Page Authority
  • Give a brief introduction about you and about what your channel is all about and link your channel with your google+, twitter, Facebook or any other social media accounts.
  • Upload videos with Good Interaction rate, which means that people should really watch at least 60% of the video
  • Create various playlists to categorize your videos.
  • Fill your channel with other popular videos and channels.
  • Increase your Channel Subscribers- you can do it by auto-linking your website with your website, email, and your social media account.

2) Use a keyword-rich Title and Description for your Youtube videos and don’t forget to give tags

Do a Good Keyword Research to target the right audience with Good ROI. Use these keywords to Create a Good Title & description for the video for better audience and traffic

3) Optimize your video after uploading them

YouTube provides a variety of options after uploading and you must use them wisely

a) What are the Advanced YouTube Settings?

Here you will see additional stuff to optimize your videos further.
Choose the best category for your video and add language, location, and date to your video.

b) Use the icon below your uploaded YouTube video to make additional edits to video

How to Add Enhancements in YouTube Videos – You can add effects to your videos directly from YouTube after uploading your videos. You can Auto fix lighting and color, Apply slow and fast motion, Rotate the view, Blur faces, etc… Use these features to enhance the look of your video.

Audio –You can select and add different audio which you want to play in the background. This feature enables us to swap the background audio of your video.

Importance of Annotation in YouTube Video – Text which pops out over your videos is an annotation. Use them to promote and brand your business. Add commentary to your video to tell people about your business. By using annotations you can put labels, links, and hotspots over your videos. This will enrich the user’s video experience as it adds information and interactivity to your videos.

Cards – Link more of your videos and your website to your current video to boost the engagement and views of your videos. Use cards to interact with your viewers. By using cards you can point users to a URL(web address) and show customized images, call to action, titles, etc…

c) Generate amazing and attracting Thumbnails

After confirming your YouTube channel by adding your phone number you can create your own customized thumbnails this means you can use a picture that is not present in your video. Customizing your thumbnails can attract the user and can enhance your video views.

Remember, do not create misleading thumbnails that are irrelevant to your video as it may get you flagged as inappropriate.

4) How to increase Engagement of users with your YouTube video

  • You need to promote your videos and channel on different social media channels to get the maximum visibility
  • Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc to promote your videos.
    Apply video boost or pay to promote your video on famous social media channels.
  • Use your email list effectively to increase your subscribers and mail your videos to your list to create a loyal audience for your brand or channel.
  • Keep on changing your tags monthly so that your video can get ranked on multiple keywords.
  • Use the embedded code of your video on various websites to get maximum exposure.
  • Mention your video on Yahoo answers, Quora, Wiki how and other Ques/Ans Sites.

5) How to Check your insights in YouTube Videos?

  • Keep on monitoring your views.
  • Find out the traffic source.
  • Check your audience demographics.
  • Look for your Geographical.
  • Keep on tracking your subscription rate.
  • Check your social share insights.
  • Use UTM parameters to track your video on every platform.
  • Review and respond to your comments.
  • Keep on checking your likes and favorites.
  • You can use tools like Google analytic, TubeTrackr to monitor and analyze your performance.

First, we will Look at what are the factors that will affect your YouTube rankings –

  • Watch time.
  • Length of your video.
  • The number of channels subscribers.
  • Keyword Relevance.
  • The reaction of customers – Like, comment, share, etc.

Now, we will learn how to optimize and rank our videos on YouTube Search. Just follow the below-mentioned steps-Per

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