About Digital Marketing – Complete Guide to Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing is done through different online marketing channels. These Online Channels have huge traffic of visitors where any business can be advertised to sell products or promote services. Example of some channels would be Google, Facebook, Twitter & Others Most of the businesses or startups target these marketing channels actively to market their Business. […]

Google to stop showing ads on the right side

Google has come up with a new update and according to this google wont show ads on the right side of Desktop Search Results Worldwide. This update is strongly going to hit Google Search advertisers. Resulting in loss to startups and profitable for business owners with Good investments. Google will remove ads appearing on the […]

Mobile Internet usage surpasses desktop usage first time

According to recent reports, Mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop internet users for the first time. This means more users accessed the intenet from there mobile phone and tablet than the desktop. According to recent data published by Statcounter 51.3% of the web vists came from mobile devices and whereas desktop had only 48.7%. Another […]

Mobile websites using pop up ads will be penalized by Google

Mobile websites using Pop up ads will be penalized by Google In recent events google announced that from 2017 onward mobile websites using pop up ads or interstitial ads will get very less on no traffic from the google search result. This will be a huge blow to the advertisers who mostly depends on these […]

Verizon buys yahoo in a multi billion dollar deal

Verizon Buys Yahoo in a multi-billion Dollar deal of the year In recent events Verizon, which is the largest telecommunication provider in USA has bought Yahoo for a whooping $4.83 Billion dollar. Verizon is an American giant in wireless carriers and ranks 13 in Forbes 500 list. This deal has ended the 20 year run […]

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