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Google plans replace passwords till end 2016

In a recent event the head of Google’s Advanced Technology, Daniel Kaufman told us that Google is about to start testing on an alternative method to upgrade old and complicated password procedure.

Abacus is the code name for the Project

This project has been named as ‘Abacus’ .Testing on this project will start from June and will also be tested on some large financial institutions, specially banks. Abacus will use Bio metrics instead of binary passwords which will make user accounts more secure. Abacus is all set to roll out till the end of 2016.

Abacus aims at killing passwords by using multiple technologies

The best part about Abacus is that it will use multiple technology combined to identify user’s account. It will include similar technology used in android devices such as Finger print scanner, Face recognition, the way you swipe on screen and voice recognition combined. The company method suggests that this technology is 10 times more secure then the Finger prints scanner. If this technology gets success then it would be a boon to those who are having multiple accounts and are having a tough time while remembering them.

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