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Top tools for WordPress security

In today’s world almost everyone is using dynamic sites for a better experience and because they are easy to use. Every dynamic site has a CMS and WordPress is one of the most used CMS.

WordPress being famous needs to be secured as it has some vulnerability issues.issues. WordPress keeps on updating regularly to address new security issues that may arise.There are some potential vulnerabilities such as server, theme, plugin security, file permissions, database security and many more.

There are some plugins which can be used in making your word-press more secured-

1. All in one WP security

It is one of the top free tool for word-press security.This plugin helps us in seeing the area of security needed for our website through a easy to understand grading system.

Some key features

  • Login attack prevention.
  • A settings to manually approve new users.
  • Basic Firewall protection.
  • Blacklisting users based on IP address.
  • Comment spam variation. Disabling copying of text. File change detection.

2. WordFence

Its a security plugin having both free and paid feature. The free version will scan your site for file changes or malware detection. The paid feature offers advance scanning options.

Some key features

  • Blocking IP address
  • Authentication for 2 factors
  • Scanning for file changes
  • custom alert
  • malware detecton

3. Invisible Defender

This plugin is use for protecting logn, comment and registration forms from robots.

Some key features

  • Prevents Spam-bots
  • Ads two extra field of hidden by CSS
  • Compatible with all versions of word-press.

4. WP security scan


5. WordPress database Backup

  • Checks Password
  • Database security
  • Removes WP generator meta tags
  • Provides WordPress admin protection
  • File permissions

This plugin creates copies or backups of your wordpress data. Once the data is backed up you can mail it to your mail or copy it to your hard drive.

6. Anti-spam bee for WordPress

This plugin will protect your blog from digital rubbish. It uses a sophisticated technique and also analyzes the comments including pings.

Some key features

  • Provides data security.
  • Provides data privacy.
  • It’s registration free.
  • Free from spam

7. Akismet

This plugin is specially designed by team behind wordpress. This plugin checks that weather the comment on your website is a spam comment or not.

8. Tac- Theme Authenticity Checker-

This plugin searches the source files of every theme installed in your WP account for corrupt code.If the code is found bad TAC shows a path to the theme file and a small snippet of the code. It’s a very good plugin for checking authenticity of the theme.

9. ChapSecureLogin

This plugin is is used to process your password and make it encrypted. By activating the ChapSecureLogin plugin, the only information transmitted unencrypted is the username, the password is hidden by using a random number generated by the session.

10. 6Scan Security

This is a very famous auto fix protection for your WordPress site. It protects your website from hackers, viruses or any malware.

It has an excellent feature of automatic vulnerability fix. When it finds any bad code it applies auto fixing by using its auto-fix server-side agent solution. It can also automatically fix malware or malware related issues to your website.

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