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Seo PPC Confused

SEO (Organic) vs PPC (Inorganic)

There has been always a debate on what is better for business. As far as our experience goes in Digital Advertising, we recommend paid marketing over SEO.

The current Google Update reflects 4 results at the top taking away almost 70% traffic.

So in order to get more leads for business, we got to focus on top results.

This does not mean that we should Stop SEO, keep working for extra leads.


  • SEO stands for Search engine optimization.
  • You don’t have to pay anyone for organic traffic.
  • Limited keywords can be targeted in one Go.
  • We cannot target or rank worldwide on the same keywords. Not that easy.
  • You are lucky, if you get the 1 st position on a specific high search volume keyword.



  • PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click.
  • Get more leads by bidding to stay in the 1st position.
  • Target and get leads from any country worldwide.
  • Choose and target with any number of keywords.
  • Real-time tracking of keywords and other ad performances.
  • You can increase your brand awareness in a short period.
  • Budget can be easily managed.

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