What is Black Hat SEO?

Well your search Ends here if you are looking for expert advise on Black HAT SEO Techniques. Let me warn you before i disclose the secrets of Black HAT Methods. This method is followed by webmasters who want to get quick rankings in search engines for a limited period.

Why Limited ? Because, when Google Bots finds out that you are going against the polices of Search Engines then your website is Blocked in search engines for years. The strategy behind this method is to rank the website for few days or months and gain as many leads as possible.

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Negatives of Black Hat SEO

  • Penalization or Permanent Suspension by Google Yahoo or Any other Search Engine.
  • Reverse SEO can take up to 6 months.
  • Only short term goals can be achieved.
  • Advertisers may stop showing their ads after they get to know about it.


Benefits Of White Hat SEO

  • Better Results with Long Terms Rankings in Search Engines.
  • No Chances Of Being Penalization.
  • Long term benefits.


What methods are generally used in Black HAT Optimization


Hidden Content

Do not Write any content which is hidden from visitor. Normally people change the Text color to background color of page to hide the text.
Never Hide anything from Visitor or Search Engine, Consequences will lead to penalization.


Doorway Pages

Also called as Bridge Pages, portal pages, jumpl pages, entry pages, gateway pages. There are created to redirect visitors to another pag by
adding redirect code on landing page.

For Example – I google for ” Birthday cakes”, I click on link which opens a page but instantly redirects me to a Casino Page.
Google Penalizes website for Spamming Search Engines with irrelevant results.


Content Automation / Content Spinners
Some people Use Software’s to Generate Content automatically, we call them spinners as well. Well I would SAY A BIG NO to content generators.
This would give you lot of content but not Quality.

Quality Content is What People Read and that is what Google Wants. Poor Content Leads Visitor Drop Out and ultimately poor SEO.



Its is a technique where the content shown to a visitor is different from what is delivered to a Crawler “Google”.

Hell – How Do they Do it ?

It is Based on your IP address, Visitors are shown content depending upon the IP address of there City or Country.

Example – Google Reads the page as English Books, whereas a HUMAN reading the website is about Dating


Link Farming

Making Good Friends is always Good. However, bad friends always brings trouble.

Similarly, you should link to Good websites on the Internet. If Google Penalizes a.com then there are chances that friends of A.com will also be penalized. There are companies who charge for adding links on there website.  Google strictly says that SEO is Organic and there should be No Buying and Selling of Links.

These Companies host thousands of websites on multiple owned servers for paid linking business. This is Called as Link Farming.


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