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Generate good content better ranking

How to generate good content for better ranking ?

You all must have heard ‘Content is king‘. Generating good content is the best way to get better ranking because content is the soul for any website. Search engines prefers good content so in the process of getting better ranking generating good content is all you need for attaining better ranking. Learn more about content marketing in our digital marketing course in delhi

Let’s discover some ways of generating good quality content for better rankings.


1) Write original and unique content

Remember content is king. If you want to do good in Search engine’s then you have to create great content. Never copy content as it may get you penalized by google


2) Create strong Headlines

  • A brilliant headline is all you need to gather some attention.
  • Remember 75% of the people read headline and rest will read your content


3) Create engaging and relevant content

  • You must know the need of visitor and write accordingly.
  • Try to write interesting content so that people stay glued with your content.
  • Bring relevancy to your writing never try to go away from the topic.
  • Use good and real life examples.


4) Use images and video’s for supporting you content

  • Pictures and videos can enhance your content instantly.
  • Use picture and videos to support your content.
  • USe them to communicate with users


5) Be concise

  • Try to give maximum information with in few words.
  • Don’t use lengthy paragraphs.
  • Try to write your content point wise.


6) Keep on Learning

  • Read books
  • Interact with others.
  • Interview others.
  • Keep on reading new and old blogs.


7) Don’t forget about the Format

  • Generating good content is not all you need you need to optimize the format as well.
  • Use bold, italics, various fonts to make your writing more soothing to the visitor.
  • Use good color combination as it will attract user.
  • Use good and strong grammar.
  • Use easy words.


8) Content spinners for more content

  • Spinners generates weak content
  • Content gets generated quickly but is not recommended by google guidelines.
  • You can use it but prefer to go manually.


Finally Content is King in Digital Marketing, ignoring it can lower down your conversions by 70%.

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