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Tools to Manage Reputation Online

Today any business online must have good reputation so that people can rely on your business for online purchases. Internet is a place where your reputation matters a lot. It’s important to have a positive presence on the internet and for that we need track and build our reputation. We will discuss about some tools that will help us in tracking our reputation.

1. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a free change in content notification service offered by google.

Users will get alert email regarding all the content changes i.e. web pages, newspaper articles, blogs or any other researches.These alerts are based on users queries or topic that user is looking for.

Key Features

a) Enter your brand name or other keywords related to business nd get email alerts.

b) It’s free.

2. Social mention

Social Mention is a social media search and analysis platform. The idea behind is that you can go to the website enter your website name or product name or your personal name and find out who has been mentioning it and where.

Key Features

a) Know your Brand strength — the likelihood that your company is being discussed in social media

b) Analyze Sentiment — the ratio of positive to negative remarks.

c) Passion — the likelihood that individuals talking about your company will do so repeatedly

d) Know about your Reach — the measure of your influence.

3. Hyper Alerts

If your Facebook Page is very important for your company and helps in boosting your digital presence then you can use Hyper Alerts that’ll monitor your activity and will give you instant email notification.

Key Features

a) Monitor your facebook page reputation.

b) It’s Free.

c) You can also use it to monitor or track your competitors page via email alerts



This probably the best free tool available. IFTTT stands for ‘If this then that’.

Key Features

a) It allows you to monitor website very easily.

b) Monitor your competitor’s website through RSS feeds.

c) Get email notifications directly in your inbox.

5. Review Push

Review Push is a customer review tool that monitors the reviews of your consumers over the internet.

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Key Features

a) Provides report that includes you business average ratings and a page with list of reviews.

b) Also provides the date, source, rating and a reply link.

c) Price starts at 30$ per month

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