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Three dos and donts for pay per click Marketing

Do’s and Don’ts for Pay-Per-Click marketing

PPC or Pay-per-click marketing has taken the Digital Media by storm. Many big companies Like Google, Twitter, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook etc are earning more than 75% of there total revenue from there paid advertising model. But the king of Pay-per-click marketing is Google with it’s advertising model being the most effective and most used advertising platform throughout the world.

Pay-per-click marketing is effective only when done correctly targeting the right audience. So in this post, we will discuss the do’s and don’ts for a PPC Marketing campaign

The DO’S

1. Make a Strong list of your Negative Keywords

Building a list of your Negative Keywords and monitoring them continuously can do wonders with your PPC campaigns.

As you will see a significant improvement in your results and cost reduction. Knowing your negative keywords will make your ads more relevant to the searches ultimately leading you in saving tons of money.

2. Make a structured PPC accounts

Having a clean and structured account can save you a lot of time and may optimize you ads as well. For having a structured account one must have the knowledge of Campaigns, ADS and AD groups. Proper campaign Designing can give you great results.

3. Optimize your ads by creating new Text ADS

Keep on Optimizing your Ads by regularly testing your AD copy with different text to improve your PPC performance. Try using the word sale or offer or discount in your ads or keep on experimenting with new texts. We recommend at least a combination of 3 ads for best performance

4. Use Call Extension

Generate more calls from mobile visitors on Google search. you will find less competition over mobile


The Don’ts


a. Not bidding or focusing on your brand Keywords

Every Adwords account must have a campaign especially dedicated to your branded keywords as the branded keyword will cost you less money and generally have a good quality score with higher ctr. Also it’s usually seen that branded keywords has considerably better conversion rate than those of normal Keywords. It will also avoid other competitors to take on your leads.

2. Fighting for the First Position

Always being on the First position may not be very Good idea especially then when you are using broad keywords. Being on the No1 position may cost you more money and low CTR. A Combination of top 4 position with proper budgeting will give you better results

3. Adding too much dissimilar keywords in one Ad groups.

Avoid adding too many keywords in 1 adgroup. This may results in higher CPC and low quality score due to conflict in keywords.

4. Adding Phone Number in Ads

Its against Guidelines of Google & Bing Yahoo Network, it may lead to account suspension. Instead you may use Call Extension for adding phone number in ads.

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