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Mobile websites using pop up ads will be penalized by Google

Mobile websites using Pop up ads will be penalized by Google

In recent events google announced that from 2017 onward mobile websites using pop up ads or interstitial ads will get very less on no traffic from the google search result. This will be a huge blow to the advertisers who mostly depends on these type of POP up ads for their earnings.

What are POP up ads or Interstitial Ads

Interstitial Ads are those advertisements that appears on a chosen website or pages while its been loaded. Google is penalizing these ads because these ads often takes a lot of space that makes the content less accessible. The ads that covers the main content of a page which comes immediately after the user reaches a page from he search results or while the visitor is looking at the page will be penalized.

This is a huge step by google after banning mobile webpages that showed app install ads that encourage visitor to download a mobile app rather than seeing the content in 2015. The latest update appears to target much bigger pop up ads formats.

The major reason for this update was to stop companies from using ads that give less preference to the content.

This latest algorithm/update by google says those websites having poor content accessibility wont get high ranking on search engines. This shows how much Google gives preference to content. So with this update we surely know that having a good and easily accessible content may get you rank higher on the SERPS( Search Engine ranking Procedures).

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