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Kangaroo Wings is recognized as the first and Oldest SEO Training Institute of India. We started SEO Institute in Noida Training programs in 2008 and provide SEO course in Noida

SEO Course is not only done by professionals and jobs seekers, it is of the most recommended course for Startups & Business Owners. Search Engine Optimization can help you to gain more targeted visitors for your websites through Google and other search engines

“SEO is the force behind a company’s online success. Top companies in around the world are now keeping good budget and hiring SEO Experts. People know that SEO can bring them new prospects for their products and services. So, learning SEO might help you in achieving your dreams and having a successful life.

So, get trained in Search Engine Optimization and have an edge over all others.”

SEO Course Fees

SEO Course

This course is for people wanting to learn most important modules of SEO intially. It covers most used channels of SEO required by every business today.

12 Modules
Rs. 8,500/-


Includes all advance modules of SEO for you to quick start your career in SEO. You will learn all the key strategies to become a expert in search engine optimization.

  • Google Partnership Program
  • SEO Pro 2.0
14 Modules
Rs. 10,500/-

What is SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the medium by which any website, however ordinary can pull itself up to the top. The main focus of this process is to bring changes that’ll intrigue the maximum audience and thereby increase the website or traffic. Frequent changes in the Google algorithm makes it essential for websites to stay on the top. This also promises an accelerating growth for the field in the future.

It is therefore important to note that the demand for SEO Trained professionals is going to increase in the near future. To get your hands on this easily accessible training, you can turn to various websites. Or you can opt for offline training as well.

You can choose for an excellent SEO Training Institute in Noida. The SEO Training in Noida offers intermediate as well as advanced training. One of the qualities that are high in demand is the independence to work from home, and these SEO Training give you that.

SEO Classes Noida

We provide classroom or online SEO classes in Noida. Full Practical training in SEO course Noida branch with live examples.

It plays an important role to rank a website on search engine 1st page.  Our SEO courses in Noida is designed as per industry requirements.

Kangaroo Wings is the oldest SEO training center which provides SEO classes in Noida since 2008.

Who should Join SEO Courses Noida

seo courses Noida

SEO Training Institute in Noida for Job Seekers

SEO gives an attractive career. No matters, you are from which background. Today, every small or big business wants to reach more customers through internet and SEO plays a big role in it. Those who want to start a career as an SEO Expert there is a big opportunity for them. It is always in demand.

Kangaroo Wings SEO training institute Noida helps to achieve your target to get a good job with a handsome salary package. Kangaroo Wings provides industry-standard based SEO training in Noida. After completed SEO course in Noida students get their dream jobs.

If you are a student than it is the best option to start you career as an SEO expert via enrol our seo course in Noida.

SEO Courses Noida for Professionals

SEO is changing day by day, that is why you need to upgrade your self with advanced SEO strategies. Professionals can join SEO classes in Noida with their SEO Projects. Kangaroo Wings, the oldest SEO institute in Noida courses delivered by 10+ years experienced trainers.

Upgrade your career with our specialised seo courses Noida program, designed by industry expert. Our newly designed content more focus on practical training which delivers a next level learning experience.

If you want to upgrade your skills with the advanced SEO courses noida branch than enquire now.

SEO  Course for Business Owners / Entrepreneurs 

Every small or big industry wants their website to rank on the search engine to target their relevant audience. SEO helps to achieve their goal. It is very important for business owners to learn SEO techniques so that they can lead their team. Kangaroo Wings provides SEO courses Noida for business owners. We are the oldest SEO institute in Noida since 2008.

Main priority of any business is to attract new audience. SEO Courses Noida designed by us will help to increase your relevent audience.


Here we are in 2020, Fully Packed with Latest SEO Training program for Business Professionals & Work Seekers. Contact Kangaroo Wings nearest SEO Training Institute in Noida for SEO Course Fees and Next Batch Starting Dates


Kangaroo Wings SEO institute in Noida have 2 SEO batches in the evening. One at 5 and second at 7 pm.

Yes, you can do seo of your website. Inititally you have to give 30 min to 1 hour a day for best performance. Based on work activity, you can hire seo employees who can work under your guidence

Every Business needs Traffic/ Visitors from Search Engines which helps them to sell there services or products. So eventually evey company has to hire SEO Expert to optimize there website for search engines. So leads to awsome SEO Job opening around the globe. So, now to make it excatly clear, YES SEO has Good Carerr Opportunities

  • Optimize the site for Google Rank Brain update.
  • Update or republish old post of your blog.
  • Take the best keywords of your Competitors
  • Check domain authority before doing Link building.
  • Optimize your blog content according to LSI.
  • Add long-tail keyword in meta title.
  • Publish your blog content in approx 1800 words.

In SEO, we will cover all the aspects to rank a website in SERP. Also included SEO latest updates 2019.

SEO Courses Noida designed by Kangaroo Wings is designed as per the latest industry trends.

Google sandbox is used for websites those are newly launched and doing some suspecious activity like adding a large amount of new content on the website in a very short time. 

Google considered it as spam. Sandbox is a filter that watches this kind of activities. It makes sure that websites those are adding huge numbers of new pages post and content instantly is probably doing duplicate content spamming.

While optimizing the website, please make sure do not fill webpages with keywords. If you do on page than 2 to 3% keywords density is Ok. And, do not make low quality.

BERT is the latest update in SEO. It released on 24th Oct 2019.

BERT update is for how Google identify and understands the search query. BERT will not analyze webpages rathen then it analyze search query.

You will start getting results within month of your SEO training. Further for best results it depends on your seo skills and efforts applied

We offer both online and offline SEO classes in Noida. Please connect with our SEO training Noida expert to know more. Though we online recommend online training if you are schedule is very busy

Yes, Definately. Startups need immediate business, and SEO can help them to grow quickly. Infact some startups have been quicly successful by applying quick seo ranking strategeis

Yes, Kangaroo Wings provides online SEO training in Noida.

Keyword density is the percentage of particular key phrase which is available on the website content compared to the number of words on the particular landing page.

Kangaroo Wings SEO courses Noida includes softwares which will help you to check density.

Incoming links, also known as Inbound links. It refers to the hypertext links which are present on the third party webpages that are direct users to our webpage.

It can be used as text or graphic also.

“WWW” it stands for world wide web and it comes at the URL starting.

Domain Authority is called DA. It is the score by Moz for search engine ranking score. DA is calculated by 1 to 100 score, a higher score shows greater ability to rank.

SEO Training Course Noida updated 24th May 2022

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