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Government to open cyber crime laboratories across India

Cyber crime is like a digital termite to any government as it can lead to a very big destruction with very less effort made.Recently there were many cyber frauds or crime cases were recorded by the cyber crime cell because of which the government has decided to set up a state of the art cyber crime laboratories across all the districts of the nation.

Increase in Cyber crime due to digital exposure

A senior official told us that budget for creating the laboratories has been passed but there is no denial of the fact that the country has seen a significant increase in the rate of cyber crime.

People have been abusing information technology as many people were cheated on internet and number of cases were being registered regarding hacking and releasing of objectionable pictures and videos on social media sites.

The abuse of the technology has mostly affected the social media sites as many famous social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp are used for spreading hatred and brings intolerance among people so there was a need of setting up of the laboratories to tackle these problems.

Recently, A report suggested that many people are approaching the cyber cell for the inconvenience they suffered because of the internet and this is due to the greater awareness spread by the government as people know where to register the complaints.

First Cyber Crime Police Station opens in Maharashtra

In states Maharashtra was the number one city in term of cyber cases registered closely followed by Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The first ever Independent cyber crime police station was set up in Maharashtra and response has been already over-whelming as many have lodged criminal cases.

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