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Kangaroo Wings Digital Marketing Institute in Faridabad has been pioneer in Advanced Digital Marketing Courses since 2008.

This Digital Marketing Course has been designed by highly experienced Digital Marketing professionals with more than 12 years of experience. This course can be taken up by startups, professionals, Business Owners, and others looking for new career opportunities. Digital Marketing is Undoubtedly one of the key success behind any business today, no business can get good online sales or leads without active involvement in digital media platforms, like Google, Social media, Content marketing, Paid marketing, Reputation management, and digital branding.

Digital marketing institute in faridabad

#1 Digital Marketing Institute in Faridabad

What is Digital Marketing?

Definition of Digital Marketing is hidden in these two words itself. Digital Defines technology dealing with physical communications devices & marketing means the promotion of products services or individuals. Together Digital Marketing defines marketing of any product or services through digital technology gadgets like internet browser, laptop, devices & other Software. Since most of the people, today are on the digital platforms, therefore marketing has gone online through channels like Facebook, google, yahoo,  Whatsapp, email marketing & other digital channels which are included in our course curriculum.

Why Learn Digital Marketing?

There is good scope of Digital Marketing because of its broad demand in every business around the world. People nowadays are so much digitally connected that they spent most of the time on digital platforms like google, Facebook. LinkedIn, twitter and others news portals. So, advertisers are spending more money on marketing on such digital media platforms. Because of this change, Jobs in digital marketing has increased. Further this has become the need of every business.

Am i Eligible for Digital Marketing Course?

Digital Marketing course is opted by almost every segment of today’s generation. This course is useful for Business owners, students, startups and people looking to work from home as freelancers. Though anyone can join digital marketing course but it is recommended to have following to start advanced training. 

  1. Basic Computer skills
  2. Secondary Education
  3. Interest in Digital Platforms like Google, Facebook, and others social media’s.

Digital Marketing Course in Faridabad

Become an expert From Kangaroo Wings Digital Marketing institute :

Kangaroo Wings provides certified Digital Marketing course in Faridabad which is designed by experienced Digital Marketing experts who are managing Social Media, Content Marketing, and many Digital Marketing projects for a very long time.

Kangaroo Wings also provides Google Ads certifications and Google Analytics certifications. Best Digital Marketing Institute in Faridabad.

FAQs related to Digital Marketing Institute in Faridabad

A dynamic website is easy to manage rather than a static website. Check Kangaroo Wings nearest branch from Faridabad which provides a training of Digital Marketing Course in Faridabad with live practical training on projects.

Get admission in Best Digital Marketing Institute in Faridabad.

Below are the details of Promoting Website quickly through Digital Marketing.

  • SMO – Social Media Optimization

  • PPC – Pay Per Click or Paid Advertising

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization

  • Email Marketing

  • SMS Marketing

There are lots of ways which will benefit to your business

  • It will increase your business customer

  • It will increase your Return on Investment

  • You can totally control your Online business ads 24*7.

Don’t worry about the course material we have a latest course material with new updates in Our Digital Marketing Institute Faridabad.

SMM stands for Social Media Marketing & it is also the part of Digital Marketing Course module in this module you will learn how to run ads on Social media platforms?

Social Media Platforms like:-

  • Facebook Ads

  • LinkedIn Ads

  • Twitter Ads

Yes, We also giving training of Google Certified Partner. For Google Certifications you have pass the online exam of :-

  • Google ads

  • Google Analytics

  • YouTube

& So on.

Why Wait Lets meet with best Digital Marketing Institute Faridabad?

Google Ads Certification is the Online Google Ads Exam to be a Google Certified Partner.

For More Info About Google Ads Certification Click Now.

Join Digital Marketing Institute in Faridabad Now for getting training of Google certification.

The Practical ratio of Digital Marketing Course is 90%.

And the theory ratio of Digital Marketing Course is 10%. 

The theory 10% is tips & techniques & key points of Digital Marketing.

To Start career in Digital Marketing first you have to learn Digital Marketing from the reputed digital marketing institute & understand the concept, tips & techniques of Digital Marketing, then move forward to make Career in Digital Marketing.

Fees for digital marketing starts at 25k & number of modules opted in digital marketing course. it further also depend whether you are student, startup or an entrepreneur.

Nowadays, Digital Marketing is a terrific way to make money the Internet, you can earn money from Google, earn money from your YouTube channel, earn money via affiliate marketing. If you also want to earn money from Internet Marketing join our digital marketing institute in Faridabad and learn the tactics of Digital Marketing by completing the Digital Marketing Course.

Coding is not required in Digital Marketing however if you know coding part it’s beneficial.

  • You can better understand and discuss with the developer on your specific needs.
  • You can easily resolve the minor issues.
  • You can better understand the client’s requirements related to the website.

If you want to do digital marketing course in Faridabad, Then Connaught Place & Nehru place is the nearest center of Kangaroo Wings Digital  Marketing institute Faridabad .

Mistakes of Digital Marketers

  • Mistakes done by digital marketers they are not concentrate proper on SEO Strategy.
  • They are not doing Social Media Marketing Properly. 
  • Not Understanding Goal Properly.
  • Not Understanding Audience Properly.

If you miss any session of Digital Marketing Course then we also have an option of backup classes for you and we also provide the doubt session also.

We also giving advance training of Digital Marketing course Faridabad.

Yes, Our Digital Marketing Course institute also provide the google certification after completing the online marketing course to become a google ads certified partner.

  • Google Ads Certified
  • YouTube Certified
  • Analytics Certified

Time Duration of completing Digital Marketing Course Training in Faridabad for weekend batches is 3 to 4 months with some advance techniques also.

Our Digital Marketing Course training in Faridabad is best because:

  1. We Provide the training of Digital Marketing Course from the industry expert also.
  2. Training on Live Project of Digital Marketing
  3. Job placement after the course.

In Digital Marketing their is a big scope of Freelance work because companies would love to give their project to the freelancer.

  1. Freelance charge less as compare to companies.
  2. Freelance work on their deadline because of the reputation.

For Learning How to get projects for freelance get training in Best Digital Marketing Course Faridabad.


Below are the benefits of Digital Marketing

Ease of Access


Competitive advantage

It is always better to learn all & latest channels of Digital Marketing as it helps you to get more leads. However if you want to focus on the most important channel, then i would say it would be SEO, PPC & Social Media Marketing.

To be a Best Digital marketer skills you is mention below:

  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Keyword Research
    • Website Traffic Analysis
    • Google Rankin Strategy
  • Content Marketing
    • Guest Post
    • Blog Post
    • Podcast
    • Video Content
  • Social Media Marketing

Yes, it is true that with the help of running google ads you will get the immediate traffic with Business leads also. if you are run you ads then you will get 24 hour traffic on your website also. It is also Called Paid traffic. Paid traffic means that you google will show your ads to the interested audience online. For Get training on How to run Ads on Google contact best Digital Marketing Course in Faridabad.

Getting more people to read your content you have to promote your content on social media platforms also create a video of the content & promote on YouTube. Heading of your topic should be informative & attractive. Contact Digital Marketing Course in Faridabad for more information.

In an easy way, digital marketing categorized into two segments.

  1. Inbound Marketing – Inbound Marketing is a technique where one can take the responsibility of social media, webinars, e-books, as wells as the no. of clicks increase on the links. that is PPC
  2. Outbound Marketing – It is a marketing technique that we aspect that deals with potential buyers through digital platforms, calls, placing ads & emails, etc.

As the Constant changes in Google Algorithm, Keywords are the most important part of Content Creation. If you are writing content without keywords optimization then it is less useful. Just Because of Quality Content & Good Keywords Optimization, you will also get better results in the search ranking of search engines. For get to know more about Content Marketing Join Digital Marketing Course in Faridabad

Here we are in 2020, Fully Packed with Latest Digital Marketing Training program for Business Professionals & Work Seekers. Contact Kangaroo Wings nearest Digital Marketing Institute in Faridabad for Digital Marketing Course Fees and Next Batch Starting Dates.

Best Digital Marketing Institute in Faridabad For Business Owners

We are the only Digital Marketing institute in Faridabad who provides the best level of Digital Marketing training to Business Owners also.

  1. For Business Owners they have to know about the Google Guidelines & Social Media Guidelines.
  2. Then How to Run PPC.
  3. How to take an interview with any Google Ads Expert.
  4. How to take an interview with the Seo Expert.

Why we should do Digital marketing Course?

  • Rapidly increasing demand of Digital marketers.

  • High Salary.

  • Excellent career path.

  • Job Satisfaction.

  • Learn new thing everyday.

  • Today Marketing and Digital marketing are synonymous

  • Digital Marketing is the future.

Digital Marketing is important for Businessmen because:

  • It is more cost effective than traditional marketing.

  • It generates higher conversion rate.

  • It helps you in finding and targeting the right audience.

  • It builds brand reputation.

  • It tempt people to take favorable actions.

  • It delivers higher ROI(Return of investment) from campaigns.

  • It Enables Real-Time Customer Service.

The nearest branch of Kangaroo Wings Digital Marketing Course Faridabad is Connaught place.

March 2020 Updated Modules – #1 Digital Marketing Institute in Faridabad​

Digital Marketing Course Modules Details

  • Digital Marketing Basic

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization

  • PPC – Pay Per Click

  • SMM – Social Media Marketing Like Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, etc.

  • SMO – Social Media Optimization

  • SMS Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • International Online Marketing

  • Guerrilla Marketing

  • E-commerce Marketing

Digital Marketing Course Modules Details

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Reputation Management

  • Geo Marketing

  • YouTube Marketing

  • Mobile advertising

  • Google Adsense

  • Google Analytics

  • Conversion Optimization

  • Freelance Bidding

  • Network Level Marketing
Advanced Program of Digital Marketing Course in Faridabad​

We are providing Advanced Digital Course training in Faridabad from the past 12 years also in Advance training of Digital Marketing Course you will learn advance tips & techniques of Digital Marketing Course Faridabad.

Tips & techniques of topic we teach in Our Digital Marketing Institute Faridabad

  • Advance Google SEO

  • Advance Google Ad

  • Advance Google Analytics

  • Advance Google Adsense

Main Focus on Google because Google is the best Search Engine for Generating Business.

Online & Offline Training Session of the Best Digital Marketing Course in Faridabad

Here we are in 2020, Fully Packed with Latest Digital Marketing Training program for Business Professionals & Work Seekers. Contact Kangaroo Wings nearest Digital Marketing Institute in Faridabad for Digital Marketing Course Fees and Next Batch Starting Dates.

Contact Us for More Info About Digital Marketing Institute in Faridabad

Let’s fix up your appointment with Digital Marketing Expert, or simply fill the form below and allow us to get in touch with you or call on 9953497000

Weekend batch: 5 Months
Regular Batch: 2.5 Months

Weekend batch: 6 Months
Regular Batch: 3 Months

Digital Marketing Course: INR 40,000/-

Advanced Digital Marketing Advance Course Faridabad : INR 65,000/-

PG in Digital Marketing Course Faridabad : INR 2,50,000/-

Central Delhi: Connaught Place

East Delhi: New Ashok Nagar

Digital Marketing Course Digital Marketing Course training
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Digital Marketing course in Faridabad Best Digital Marketing Institute in Faridabad
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