Google SEO Updates’2016

1) Google Anlaytics updates the integration Google Search console report (12th May’2016)

Google has came up with a yet another update and this time it’s related to Google Analytics.

Google announced that they will have a more deeper integration of Google Search console reports on there analytics  platform.

In coming days or weeks you will see a new section named “Search Console” which replaces “Search Engine Optimization Tab” appearing under the Acquisition Tab.

This means the new tab will combine data from both analytics and search console into a single report. Google will now show behavior and conversion metrics for your organic searches directly.


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2) Google Webmaster introduce new look and adds new features

The year of 2016 has has brought some changes in google search console.

They have introduced a completely new look and has also added some features like tutorial,etc. The major added features are :

a) Webmaster troubleshooter :- The troubleshooter gives a step by step guide to move your site or understand a message in Google search        console. This will help you in understanding google search console in a better world.

b) Events calendar :- You can meet google team members online and ask your queries.

c) Popular resources :- You can get threads for popular google webmaster videos forum and blog posts.

3) A core algorithm update (8Th jan 2016)

Google has done a algorithm update in which google panda will be now a part google’s core algorithm. This implies having a great content is now the first priority of google. That means the top 3 ranking signal now are Content, Backlinks and Rankbrain.

4) Mobile friendly website will get a ranking boost

As we after the Mobilegeddon update in 2015 mobile friendly website will get priority in search engines when the searches are being made on mobile device but now in it latest update Google will give the ranking boost to website on searches made on desktop as well. This ranking boost is likely to start from End of may’2016 so now having a mobile friendly website is must for better rankings

5) Adwords Shake up Feb 23, 2016 – Right Side ads on Google GONE

Google made a major changes to Adwords, Google will not show ads on the right column instead it will show 4 ads at the top of the search and 3 ads at the bottom. The site will only show PLA ads and knowledge graph.

6) Google Decides to tackle hacked spam 

As we know a huge amount of websites are hacked by spammers and then are misused, such as promotion of traffic to low quality sites, porn, malware download, or marketing of illegal pharmaceuticals drugs. etc.

Webmasters who don’t opt for security are more vulnerable of the site being hacked. The cyber criminals look for less secure site and adds malicious content in order to get search engine rankings.

Google decided to make an algorithmic change to tackle these hacked spam. Now for some certain queries only the most relevant and lesser results will be shown. This is due to the large amount of spammed sight being removed and this development is likely to continue in the coming years.

7) Rankbrain

Google has launched a Artificial intelligence machine learning system called as RankBrain. This implies Google will teach itself what to do and will work as a human.

Rankbrain is now a part of Google’s core algorithm and is a segment of Google ‘Hummingbird’ update. RankBrain helps in query refinement and is mainly used to clarify the queries made by the people. People may not have to type exact phrase to find their desired pages.

8) Google to penalize sites with misleading download buttons

As we know google is trying to make the web secure and is giving its user the option of safe browsing which will protect our websites from cyber attacks such as installing unwanted things, revealing your personal information.

You may have encountered a deceptive download button or an image ad that falsely claims your system is out of date. Safe browsing will help you in tackle these social spam attacks.

Google announced the following guidelines in November 2015 for the sites stop the use of deceptive button that pretend to act or look or feel like a trusted entity that try to trick you in doing something which you would only  do for trusted entity such as sharing password or calling tech support.

These practices will lead your website lose ranking significantly.

9) Stop the use of sneaky mobile redirects

Google has banned the use of different content for different devices.It doesn’t mean that we can’t even have a slight difference because optimizing our sites according to mobile devices will require some changes in our image size and menu locations to make mobile browsing easier and more effective.

The update is specially for those who are redirecting there mobile users to a completely different page which is a violation of google webmaster guidelines and also gives a bad user experience.

10)  HTTPs Having a secured connection is must

Google is giving priority in making the web more secure hence it will be a wise decision for webmasters to go for HTTP connection rather than HTTP.

Google is going for “HTTPs” everywhere on web.

Advantage of having HTTPS for SEO

a)Having a secured connection will help you gain google grace.

b)Increased Rankings

Google has announced giving ranking boost to secured websites and the ranking boost is likely to increase in coming months.

11) Google ads AMP option in Google Search Console.

Amp or Accelerated Mobile Pages  is just like a diet HTML that helps the webpages of your website to load faster on Mobile Devices and Tablets.

12) Google will now let you rename your favorite places and add sticker to the map

Google has now added an ability to chose a icon for your home and work.