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Why Digital Marketing Course

In recent years demand of digital marketing has increased by 50%, ranking top in Marketing Industry. Online Marketing takes the first place today in getting high quality leads with instant sales.

Without a doubt this makes it mandatory for Business owners and professionals to learn the art of Online Marketing. Digital Marketing jobs are the most in-demand jobs in marketing departments of any business worldwide.

We make sure that every professional goes through core training of digital marketing but also clarifies online certifications exams to be qualified as a real Digital Marketer. Kangaroo Wings Digital Marketing institute in delhi has 2 branch locations, Connaught Place & East Delhi

Digital Marketing Course Details

Module 1: Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing

This module covers the semi-technical part of digital marketing. Don’t you panic If you are a non-tech as this part covers very methods to deploy a website in 15 minutes and other basic understanding related to website management. Majorly it covers website management hosting domains installations etc.

Module 2: Search Engine Optimization

The base of Digital Marketing is SEO, the organic process of getting leads through search engine optimization. A website must be optimized as per the Guidelines of major search engines to get quick rankings in search and make it user-friendly to visitors and bots.

Module 3: Pay Per Click Ads – Google Adwords Marketing

PPC is the art of marketing with money investment. Our Digital Marketing experts will teach you the real pay per click management strategies with the right amount of budget time and tools to get maximum leads

Module 4: Social Media

Social Media Marketing is the most important part of Digital Marketing Course. In social media, we teach both Organic and paid method of marketing to maximize branding and sales. This covers all major social media platforms like facebook LinkedIn youtube twitter Pinterest

Module 5: Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the cheapest method of Online Marketing as it involves the lowest cost. However, as per the research, only 4% of Marketers know the real method of generating leads through Email Marketing. Don’t worry, we will teach the best online marketing strategy which should be deployed to maximize leads through Email Marketing

Module 6: E-commerce Marketing

Our Digital Marketing Training gives special emphasis on real-time practical training on E-Commerce projects, as 50% of the students who enroll for digital marketing course demand for e-commerce marketing expertise. This module covers the following :

E-commerce Website CRM Installation, Image Optimization, Mobile Marketing for eCommerce, Payment gateways, Shopping Campaigns, Paid Marketing Campaigns, SEO for E-commerce websites

Module 7: Affiliate Marketing

This course if for both Affiliates ( who wants to earn money from there website or blog ) and for Merchants looking for more leads sales or traffic. In this course, you would learn the core concepts on how affiliate marketing works.

The best of the Digital Marketing trainers of India will you through the most advanced strategies of affiliate marketing.

Key points covered: Best Selling Networks, Best Commission networks, products to select for the affiliate, website planning for affiliate marketing, Grey markets affiliate networks and much more. Read here

Module 8: Content Marketing: King of Digital Marketing

55 % Demand in Digital Marketing is for Content Marketing & Content Strategy

Kangaroo Wings is the best Digital Marketing Institute in India when it comes to content marketing strategy planning. Our Training Experts will teach you on :

How to get your rankings in search with just Right Content Strategy

How to Engage in Social Media for more views and Branding

How to use content in Paid Networks – Get complete Details

Module 9: Reputation Management

Online Marketing is no Good with Good Reputation. People only pay when they feel safe & secure while checking out. This course will help to start building the reputation for a newly started venture or correct the bad reputation of existing business to save them from losses.

Module 10: International Online Marketing

This module especially covers the strategies and tools to market your business worldwide. With the help of software tools api’s, we can reach international markets.

digital marketing training demo digital marketing course content

Module 11: Geo-Marketing

Get ready to roll your website as per the Google Guidelines for GEO location Optimization. This Strategy will help you to get more business through search engine optimization for GEO Targeting. Further, Learn what tools & API’S to choose for Geo Marketing integration

Module 12: Video Production & Marketing

In Digital Marketing, Youtube Video Marketing plays a key role in converting your prospect clients and giving them a good impression of a Business.

This Digital Marketing includes the best of YouTube Video Marketing strategies to achieve your marketing Goals. Get details here

Module 13: Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising has become more important today with 35% mobile internet users in India.

Which means, now business must plan there digital marketing strategy for mobile views as they tend to spend more time on mobile Internet

Based on this statistics, Kangaroo Wings Digital Marketing Institute has launched programs to teach you on how to target and market mobile audience.

This includes Paid Marketing Strategy targeting mobile users, Social Media Mobile Marketing campaigns, Website GEO Mobile Optimization, Display Banners for Mobile Campaigns, In-App Marketing

Module 14: Conversion Optimization

We cover the Most Advanced Training on conversion optimization.

What does it mean?

You are now able to get visitors to your website, You are not able to generate leads, Your website is now able to interact with the audience

Now increasing the conversion of existing campaigns is called Conversion Optimization

Read more on what we cover here

Module 15: Web Google Analytics

We call website analytics the “EYE of Digital Marketing”. Without it, you are going nowhere.

A proper understanding of your website visitors, conversions and leads tracking can help you to plan your future and current campaigns on different marketing platforms. Google Analytics certified experts are most in demand.

What is Covered

UTM Tracking, Conversions, Metrics Dimensions, Reporting, Integrating Analytics with AdWords and other channels, e-commerce reporting. Read full content here

Module 16: SMS Marketing

This module covers training on different real panels for SMS marketing. Learn the best tips techniques and legal policies related to SMS marketing. Get details here

Module 17: Network Level Marketing

This Program is one of the most advanced modules launched by Kangaroo Wings Digital marketing institute in 2009. This module is specially designed to cover strategies and tricks to increase website visitors and maximize your conversions.

Module 18: Guerrilla Marketing

As the name suggests, this module covers the cheapest and quick online marketing strategies

Get course details here

Module 19: Google Adsense

Want to make some money?

Well, Google Adsense is the most sought program for individuals and business worldwide to earn money part time or full time. We make sure that all the students of Kangaroo Wings Digital Marketing Institute start earning from Google Adsense program. You can make around $500 to $3000 a month if you give 1 hour a day for 3 months. However minimum payout of Google $100.

Join our workshop to know more

Module 20: Freelance / Bidding Networks

Module 21: Online Startup Business

This is the latest module launched in 2018 for minds with awesome ideas. The Digital Gurus at Kangaroo Wings will teach you how to start up business with even no money

Kangaroo Wings Digital Marketing program is the most recommended program in India. We are not just the Oldest Digital Marketing Institute of India but also the most experienced when it comes to multiple projects handling

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