Future in Digital Marketing

Scope of Digital Marketing in India and around the world is Huge. Traditional and print media has declined as the Internet media is more cost effective with wider audience. Moreover, Now Business owners can reach targeted audience world wide which was not quite easy in Traditional media.

Rise of Internet Marketing has given birth to tremendous job openings World Wide. The best part is that it also gives opportunities to WORK FROM HOME through Affiliate Marketing and Google Adsense Earning Programs. There is no country restriction or global barriers in Online Sales and marketing


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India is Currently the Outsourcing Hub for Digital Marketing in Global Markets.

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Digital Marketing Trend in India

In recent report it’s been said that Digital Marketing is estimated to reach US$185.4 billion 2017. This will be 29% share of the whole Advertising Market.



Why make a career in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing skills are in serious demand around the world. As people around the world are becoming Internet Savy and spending most of the time on Internet therefore every Business is going online Today. Digital Marketing is one of the most booming career today with more than 8 lac new jobs in India every year.  Digital Marketing is a high paying field and has a tremendous future ahead. So if you haven’t still decided to learn about digital marketing then i suggest you should definitely learn it to get ahead of your peers and be a in-demand professional.

Jobs in Digital Marketing

Jobs in Digital Marketing in India5


What are the Career opportunities.

1) SEO Specialist – SEO or Search engine optimization is a way of optimizing your website according to the search engine guidelines. Search engine optimization is the base of digital advertising and has maximum number of SEO jobs around the world. No website can perform well without basic seo techniques implementation

2) PPC Expert – PPC or Pay Per Click is a high paying model. Yahoo,Bing, Google and many other internet giants uses this model to display your advertisement on the top or will help you in increasing your reach on the Internet.

3)SMO Expert – No business can run without social media today. To have a good image on Internet its important to have a strong presence on social media channels such as Facebook, twitter , LinkedIn etc.

4) Affiliate Marketing Professional – If you have a website having a moderate traffic than you can use affiliate marketing. Many companies like Amazon, Flipkart- etc will put there ads on your website and you will get the commission for every product being sold through your website.

5)Blogger / Content Writer – If you are good in writing then you can earn handsomely by just sitting at home. You just need to have your on blog or a website or you can work as a content writer at any company.

6)Digital Marketing Manager – The most in Demand position. For becoming a Digital Marketing Manager you must have the knowledge of the whole Digital Marketing.

7) Video Production – Here you will be responsible for all the activities done on various video channels such as YouTube, daily motion etc. You must have knowledge of video editing and must know hoe to work on various video editing software.

How to make your  career in Digital Marketing

1) Join a Professional Digital Marketing Course
2) Attends seminars/webinars /seminar related to digital marketing.
3) Gain Expertise in Online Marketing Strategies
4) Get your self certified by giving online certification exams such as Google Adword, Google analytics,  Bing ads, Tag manager and many more.
5) And the most important one, Just keep on updating yourself.

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